Spiritual + ambitious entrepreneurs, like you, work with me when they're ready to make incredible things happen in their life and business, like...

→ Create, launch and market their brand-new business from scratch in a way that's purposeful, fulfilling & oh-so profitable.

→ Double their sales from having a feel-good marketing & sales plan, without becoming a content factory or a slave to the 'gram

→ Remodel their entire business model, plan + income goals so they can have the location, time, income and lifestyle freedom they desire (beachside yoga at 2pm, anyone?)

→ Craft "I have to work with YOU!" content that attracts, engages and converts readers & supportive followers into raving fans & ready-to-buy clients.

→ Finally launching that website, creating that course, starting that blog, or crafting digital products so that they can make a bigger income and impact (you know, the stuff they've been dreaming of for years)

→ Gain the confidence to go all-in on their gifts, expertise, talents, passion or skills, quit their day job, and go full-time running their business from their laptop.

My job is to help you discover your value, craft content & messaging that attracts, engages and converts, and execute simple marketing strategies so you can start selling more and worrying less.

Our work together will guide you in becoming the UNIQUE leader in your industry that you ALREADY are, working with DREAM clients that desire to invest in premium rates, while experiencing more fulfillment, joy and FREEDOM in your life and business.

Nicole M., Yoga Instructor + Coach

In simple words, Kat’s a soulful badass that has a knack for helping you reach your full potential. She helps you move forward in your business by making things happen on your own terms and doing it your way (while still using sound business advice and proven strategies). She’ll push you out of your comfort zone while still keeping a safe space. She’s an expert in business, digital marketing (especially content and social media), and she’s crazy supportive – always going the extra mile for you – no matter your current level of business.

Bottom line: working with Kat means you’ll be well on your way to more money, clients, impact and freedom… most importantly, a business that’s finally aligned with my lifestyle AND my purpose (my ‘why’). Trust me, you’ll come out of the coaching experience feeling fulfilled and confident in your own abilities and your work will never be the same again (in a good way!)

Your business has the potential to grow big. Much, much bigger.

(you just need to pinpoint + eliminate what's holding your business back from reaching its full potential)

Trust me, I understand how you feel, because I've been exactly where you are...

As a creative, consultant and serial entrepreneur myself, I understand the overwhelm from having to play all the parts in your business (from CEO to graphic designer) and how it's so hard to stay organized day in and day out while executing your sales and marketing plan.

I also know the frustration and the seemingly endless learning of new strategies, tactics and methods that can seem to make anybody's head spin (which is why I have all my clients on what I like to call an 'Info Detox' during our time together).

You see, there's no "one right way" to anything in business, or in life... however after working with many clients and students over the years, I've found keeping things simple is one of the biggest drivers to success: stick to one or two simple methods, and eliminate all the "shiny", "secret" and "guru" - and let's be honest, just plain distracting - advice, because truly profitable businesses and aren't built using one-size-fits-all approaches...


Kat’s been with me since day 0. From taking my ideas, formulating it into a business that’s purposeful from the start, and then launching and marketing the business online. Month after month, the sales just kept on increasing exponentially. Literally within three weeks of implementing the strategies we talked about, my sales jumped up 235%. I can’t thank Kat enough for all the mentoring, copywriting and content writing feedback/tweaks, helping me implement more automations, processes and practical business management tactics.

We went from unpredictable 3-figure months (we’re talking less than a grand a month), and now we’re well on our way to our first 6-figure year.

Also, I love Kat’s coaching & consulting style because it requires you to 50% trust your gut and instincts and 50% strategy and execution… and it feels much more rewarding to feel like you’re working together like that. Kat offers a 100% intimate space, free of judgement, to explore what’s going on in your life and business that’s holding you back. Not only does she offer hands-on tactics and tasks to get you from where you are, to where you want to be, but she also offers a welcoming and understanding ear to your issues.

Daniel C., Food Tour Owner + Digital Course Creator

Bottom line, we both know that being a business owner means we need to tap into our full potential so that we can attract, engage and serve the heck out of our clients – while having more freedom than ever before.

We know we need to stand out online to survive as a business in today’s digital age, while simultaneously putting out fires and juggling #allthedemands of running a full-time business.


Around here, we skip the complex (and unnecessary) strategies,

drawing a straight line from you to the cash.


→ Having a plan you can execute on so you know what to do every day to make the income and impact you desire...

→ Using your unique experiences to create scroll-stopping social media posts in a way that's fun, simple and attracts ideal clients...

→ Going from overlooked + under-booked to magnetic + sought-after...

→ Finally having a life & business that's purposeful, fulfilling and profitable

If you're like me, then I know you desire for your business to reach it's full potential, because it also means that you get to create and live the life you love.

And that, is a beautiful thing.

In 3 months of intimate business coaching & consulting, you’ll walk away with the confidence in knowing how to craft content, messaging and marketing that highlights your value while standing out in a busy, digital, competitive marketplace in a way that’s unique to you (so that you can attract high-quality clients ready to work with you), streamline current business processes and identify weak spots (areas that you may be leaking money), while also having the income, impact and freedom you desire in life and in business.